There are three major things that responsible adults must do: pay their bills, take care of their kids, and be sober and upstanding members of society. If that last one’s got you down, we have the cure in the form of a brand new blog. All you need is a computer, an internet connection, and a sense of humor. Please read and share because whether we make you laugh or drive you to drink, our mission is to leave you sans sobriety.


This blog could have been named Brain Masturbation à Deux or even Whine and Wine because those two get along so well.

It is hosted by Michelle and Caro, and in spite of the incongruous fact that one is American and the other is French, they have a lot in common. They’re both book eaters, word lovers, and both strangely affected by a writing-compulsion illness (possibly contagious) that tends to come with an ever-glowing light-bulb above the head. No closing hours. Per se.

It’s all about everything and nothing altogether; stolen snippets of their lives told in random, errant ways.
Sometimes from two points of view. Sometimes not.
Sometimes humorous. Sometimes not.
Sometimes wine is just a necessity. Rarely sobriety is. Because kids. And because when it comes to them, self-mockery and/or wine are your best survival tools. Two say the least …

Humor us for a little while and let’s see how it goes.
These posts are our (other) children, and they also need attention and feedback. But mostly they just need to be fed. So share the bread and spread the word!